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Philip Kapneck, Trade Ambassador to Maryland

Philip Kapneck's Bio:

Philip Kapneck lived in Washington D.C. and graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School. He attended George Washington University, was elected to the Maryland State Convention, and was appointed special advisor on Higher Education to the Governor’s office. Man of the Year 1970-71 Humanitarian of the Year 1972-73 Man of the Year 1973-74   Philip Kapneck was appointed by Governor Marvin Mandel to open Maryland’s first overseas office in Brussels, Belgium as the State’s Trade Ambassador. He assisted the Federal Government in "Invest in the USA." He was appointed by Secretary of Business and Economic Development to represent the State of Maryland with international companies in Asia and the South Pacific. Ambassador Kapneck was appointed by former New Zealand Prime Minister Rowlings as Special Advisor/Maryland Trade Ambassador to assist companies in New Zealand and Australia doing business in the USA. Philip Kapneck received Governor’s Citations for his service to the State from two Governors and chaired fund raising events for the American Diabetes Association and Children’s Hospital. Philip Kapneck created more jobs over the life of his position than any other single person in Maryland.

Philip Kapneck's Experience:

Philip Kapneck's Education:

Philip Kapneck's Interests & Activities:

Business, people, family, polo, philanthropy.

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